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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the well established leading water management Company having completed a decade in water treatment.

Hasgak water provides a value to our customers, is our main objective and it is a basis on which, we strive to build our market leadership in water and wastewater, also effort for Cleaner and Greener environment.

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Operation & Maintenance
Water Audit
Revamping & Enhancing of Existing Plants
Consultation of Water Treatment System

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Hasgak Water

Modern Methods & Technologies

MBR (Membrane Bioreactor) MBR (Membrane bioreactor) is submerged flat sheet module which effectively removes suspended particles. MBR module consist a number of membrane elements stacked at equal intervals. Each element has flat sheet membranes on both sides of a…


PVA (Polyvinyl alcohol) PVA (Polyvinyl alcohol) gel is a porous hydrogel that is ideally suited for immobilization of microorganisms essential for the degradation of environment pollutants. Example shows an existing wastewater plant which has 250m3 activated sludge tank and a…


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Why Water Audit?

Many water treatment system are working to the required outlet water quality and some system are not working properly also. But mostly people are neglected about their system are working at optimize level or not ?

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